Boarding Fees Increase October 4, 2017

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Effective Wednesday October 4th, our boarding and daycare fees are changing.  We never like to do it, but it’s been over two years, and we’ve added more value to your pet’s experience.


We are pleased to now offer longer weekday kennel staff coverage from 6am to 8 or 9pm Monday through Friday.  This means all the dogs and cats will get more attention and dogs will get to go outside more times in the day.  We allow all dogs the opportunity to go outside in the fenced-in lawn area four to six times a day, as long as they have a negative fecal.


Additional playtime ($3.95 a day per family) allows for longer playtimes each time they go outside, and even more fun as we have purchased a number of new toys, including Chuck-its, chew toys, and jolly balls with rugged rope handles that encourage running, exercise, and play.


We have in-floor heating to keep everyone warm during our long Wisconsin winters and air conditioning for the dog days of summer.


For the safety of our boarders and patients we have a 24 hour fire monitoring and alarm system, which notifies emergency services of any suspected smoke or fire.  We hope this adds to your peace of mind while your pet stays with us.


We welcome kennel tours so you will feel comfortable knowing where your companion will be cared for when leaving them with us. Our facility has 22 runs and can accommodate many different canine personalities. Some love a quieter atmosphere, and others love being able to go in and out at will (weather dependent). Our kennel staff is very willing to make them as content as possible in their home-away-from-home.


You are always able to set-up simple cleansing baths during the boarding stay (breed dependent).  We appreciate if full groomings are set-up in advance to assure your dog gets a spot reserved on the groomer’s schedule as available.


Thank you so much for your business! 


Boarding prices for dogs per day:                          Daycare for dogs:

One dog per kennel: $21.95                                  One dog per kennel:  $16.95

Two dogs per kennel: $31.95                                Two dogs per kennel:  $25.95

Three dogs per kennel: $41.95                              Three dogs per kennel:  $35.95

Optional: Extra Play Time $3.95/day/family                   Puppies: $19.95


Boarding prices for cats per day:

One cat per kennel:  $15.95

Two cats per kennel:  $25.95

Three cats per two kennels:  $30.95